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Tomorrow People release new song performed live at One Love

 "One Love was just simply AMAZING last night!", Tomorrow People posted on social media today.  Source / Tomorrow People

New Zealand band Tomorrow People have released their newest single Just A Little Bit, which they played live for the first time on Saturday night at One Love 2021.

It is part of their new campaign #FirstFridays, releasing a new single on the first Friday of every month for the entire calendar year.

Band leader Tana Tupa says, “In the past, artists would release between three to four songs per year as singles, or release one album every two to three years. For us, it seemed either too slow or too fast.”

Tomorrow People are releasing a new single on the first Friday of every month for the entire calendar year. Source / Tomorrow People

The band says the attention span of their listeners had shortened so much over the past few years that they needed to adapt and change their approach to releasing music. Their solution is to give the audience something new every four weeks to quench their thirst, while creating anticipation for what the next release would sound like.

“Doing it this way means we are in for a busy year recording, writing, mixing, promoting, interviews, live shows, social media and everything else that will eventually come along," says producer Avina Kelekolio.

The sun-infused tune Just A Little Bit has been crafted to be blasted on outdoor Bluetooth speakers or in front of a 20,000-strong festival crowd at One Love. The waiata features guitarist Snow Chase on lead vocals, with support on the breakdown by rapper A-Kel. This marks Snow's debut release for the band.

We on fam!! Have a listen to our brand new release and tell us what you think of it!

Posted by Tomorrow People on Thursday, February 4, 2021

At this stage, they do not know what they will release in March, but they will base it on what the people want and their customer feedback. It also means that they will have multiple songs rotating or charting at once.

“I mean, New Zealand’s biggest bands Six60 and L.A.B have shown us that we can have multiple songs out at once and people are okay with that. This was unheard of a few years ago," says Kelekolio.

The seven-piece band, made up of Kenape Saupese, Te Aranga Savage, Snow Chase, Avina Kelekolio, Duane Te Whetu, Hennie Tui and Tana Tupai, is one of New Zealand's most loved reggae bands, with a string of Gold and Platinum hits to their name, including Souljah Feeling, Feel Alright and Take It Away.

Since emerging in 2010, Tomorrow People have released two full-length albums and two EPs, including 2018's critically acclaimed BBQ REGGAE, which debuted at #1 in the Official NZ Album Charts and earned them a number of awards. In total, they have released an impressive 25 radio singles and 17 music videos.