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Three new MIQ cases; NSW update

There are three new MIQ cases of Covid-19 to report today, the Ministry of Health said.

There are no new community cases.

The new cases are arrivals from Guatemala, the Maldives and France and are all in Auckland MIQ.

The total number of active cases in New Zealand today is 25.

NSW update

The Ministry said New Zealand officials remain in contact with their Australian counterparts following the confirmation of two positive cases of Covid-19 in the community in Sydney.

The risk to New Zealand remains low, the Ministry said.

So far, 5,477 people who have arrived in New Zealand from NSW since Friday last week have been contacted by health authorities and provided with advice.

As reported yesterday, one person has been transferred to Christchurch MIQ after they were identified by NSW health authorities as a contact of a case. They attended a location of interest at the same time as one of the two positive cases in Sydney.

This person has now been tested for Covid-19 and has received a negative test result, the Ministry said.