Shortage of Māori accountants drives annual hui discussion

"There's not many of us," Ngā Kaitatau Māori o Aotearoa (National Māori Accountants Network) chair Elizabeth Richards says.

Māori make up only 3% of the total number of accountants in the country, a figure  Richards says has been rather consistent over the past two decades.

Yesterday the Māori accountants from around the country held their annual hui.

“This hui is a way to reconnect because oftentimes we feel a little bit isolated in Te Ao Pākēhā," Richards says.

“This way we can really understand the value that we can provide to Māori and actually have a view on what the numbers are trying to tell them.”

That theme for this year's hui was to “connect, inspire, and take action.” It featured more than 80 people, with panel discussions and keynote speakers on accountancy issues.