'We are not the problem' - Willie Jackson on passing of counter-terrorism act

Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson says the Counter-Terrorism act passed this week will have no effect on Māori protests, saying “they have always been genuine and peaceful.”

“Māori are not the problem here in terms of this kaupapa, so my view is that it will have no effect on us. If you go back to the last big ones, there were no problems, no violence, no threats, no nothing.”

Minister Jackson also weighed in on the recent poll asking the public if New Zealand should change its official name to Aotearoa.

He says 41% of people supporting the name change is a promising sign.

“I was surprised that it was that high.

"We all know how important names are. There’s history, and there’s whakapapa behind so many of our names so I was really pleased to see that.”