Case surge for Māori as government dumps restrictions - Dr Rawiri Taonui

Whānau in Tāmaki can socialise outdoors in groups up to 10 from today but Dr Rawiri Taonui reveals the government is loosening restrictions as Māori cases soar.


Today’s cases

Māori were 11 of 24 new cases. This was the highest ethnic figure.

Māori are the highest ethnicity for cases over six of the last sevendays.

Māori are 42.1% (125 of 197) of all new cases during Level 3.

Māori have the highest number of new cases of all ethnicities since September 14.

COMPARING EQUIVALENT DAYS LEVEL 3 First Wave 2020 and Delta Outbreak 2021

October 5 marks two weeks at Alert level 3 in Auckland.

In Week 1 there were 101 new cases.

In Week 2 there were 196 new cases.

More people moving around Auckland during Level 3 has created a surge in Delta cases, particularly in the Māori community.


Māori make up 16.7% of the population.

Māori Delta cases passed this mark on September 29.

Māori cases are now 19.9% (275 of 1,381) of all Delta cases.

Māori cases passed the total for all Pākehā, Asian, and MELAA cases on September 30.

Maori are now more than double the number of all Level 3 Pākehā, Asian, and MELAA cases.


Pacific had three new cases. This is the equal lowest number since August 18.

Pacific are 61.7% (841 of 1,328) of all Delta cases.


Level 3: 80.5% (239 of 297) of all cases.

Delta Outbreak: Māori and Pacific are 81.6%  (1,127 of 1,381) Outbreak cases.

Over the last week, there have been 90 Māori (45.9%) and 63 Pacific (31.6%) of 196 new cases.


These figures are 4% lower than the Ministry of Health numbers because the HSU (Health Service User Index) does not include people who have not used health services in the previous year. This includes those who are not registered with a health service, some who are extremely healthy, and others who are extremely poor and could not afford to see a doctor. Māori and Pacific have large numbers of people not in the HSU index

53.2% of Māori have had one dose. Of those, 29.6% have had two doses.

68.4% of Pacific have had one dose. Of those, 41.7% are fully vaccinated.

Māori (17.0%) and Pacific (17.1%) have had the largest increases in vaccination since September 15.

Noho haumaru, stay safe.

Dr Rawiri Taonui