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Bishop Brian Tamaki and Hannah Tamaki arrested, charged over protest rally

Destiny Church leader Bishop Brian Tamaki and his wife Hannah have been arrested and charged with failing to comply with a Covid-19 Act order.

They were to appear in the Auckland District Court later today.

The couple were summonsed to the central Auckland Police Station this morning for allegedly failing to comply with his bail conditions. Members of Destiny Church and Freedom protestors surrounded the police station, chanting 'Free Tamaki'.

"I'm basically innocent," he says. As Tamaki made a public statement before his court appearance, he was defiant as his supporters performed the Ngāti Toa haka Ka Mate.

"I'm quite relaxed today because I've done nothing wrong."

His court apprearance was to face a charge with his wife of failing to obey a Covid-19 Act order by attending the Freedom and Rights Coalition protest in Auckland's Domain over the weekend and both spoke.

However, last month that Tamaki was charged twice for not complying with the Covid-19 alert level rules. The first of the two charges was linked to the October 2 rallies where he allegedly broke the rules of Covid conditions. He pleaded not guilty.

His bail conditions meant that he couldn't attend or organise any protest or access the internet for the purpose of organising or inciting non-compliance with alert level requirements.

Tamaki took to the internet and said, "I think it's pretty serious for me but I have no fear about that. I believe in your freedom and your rights - all of New Zealand."

“This is a national issue, not a Brian Tamaki issue. I’m not a anti vax, I’m pro-choice,” he said.