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'They've got our back': The brotherhood between Six60 and Coterie

Six60 and Coterie performing together. Source / File

The group of four Maōri brothers, Coterie, have become the first band signed to Six60s new music label, Massive Records, while forming what they describe as a “brotherhood”.

The journey started when the two bands met over Instagram last year after Coterie performed a cover of one of Six60’s songs.

Coterie’s followers started tagging Six60 in the post to get their attention. The performance impressed Six60 enough for them to invite Coterie to meet in Aotearoa.

Days later the Coterie brothers, including Tyler, Josh, Brandford and Conrad Fisher flew from their home in Australia to arrive at Six60’s music studio in Auckland.

“Straight away the boys jumped on instruments,” says Six60 member Marlon Gerbes.

“They played a few songs to us and impressed us, but just not by that, but their whole decision to come. It’s not an easy or cheap flight from Perth to Auckland and it's a testament to the boys and their passion and how much they really want this.”

Since then the Coterie brothers have been performing as one of the supporting acts during Six60's tour in Australia and Aotearoa.

Tyler from Coterie says, “You fast forward a year and we've spent every other day with the boys now eating food at their houses, hanging out, taking us out to their fancy spots and taking their clothes.”

Josh from Coterie says it was the camaraderie between the bands “that really reeled us in”.

“We weren't pursuing a record deal, we just wanted to make music our full-time life. And these boys really just put that on a platter for us. When you got the biggest band in the southern hemisphere doing things like this for you, you just say, ‘yes’.”

This month Coterie released their first ever self-titled album they describe as a hearty kete of music that will fill the backdrop of your summer, “whether you’re in Aotearoa or Australia”.

“To us, this album is summer, late night drives down the coast with the crew, that first hit of summer sun on your face,” Tyler says.

Coterie - Always Beside You ft. Six60.  Source / YouTube

As part of the new album, the two bands collaborated on a song Always Beside You.

“The lyrics of this song sum it up. ‘My brother, I love you. There’s nothing I wouldn't do for you.’ That's basically the connection between us and Six60,” says Josh.

Six60 lead singer Matiu Walters says the song, “really just captures the aroha we have for each other and how much we back them and want them to do well.”

The bands will continue to perform together as part of Six60’s tour visiting Dunedin in March. Later that month, Coterie will begin their own nationwide tour of Aotearoa visiting Christchurch, Raglan, Wellington and Auckland.