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Mickey Mouse performs Samoan Slap Dance

The Pacific respond to Mickey Mouse’s Samoan Slap Dance (Fa’ataupati) at the “Mickey’s Rainbow Luau” at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

A video from Tokyo Disneyland Resort is going viral on social media showing Mickey Mouse doing a traditional Samoan dance.

It’s known as a Fa’ataupati (slap dance) and is part of the Mickey Mouse Rainbow Luau Show.

The Samoan Mickey Mouse or as one commentator on social media called him “Maika House”, translated Mickey into a Pacific name. caught the attention of many Samoan cultural dancers.

Albert Tupuola is well-known for his performances with Tatau Dance Group recently saw the video saying “Man, that looks seki (cool) as”

The Luau Show is a 65-minute music and dance piece where Mickey and Mini Mouse travel through Polynesia introducing tourists to a few Pacific Islands.

It’s a theatre extravaganza that returned after a three-year interval from COVID in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Japanese resort.

Christian Malietoa-Brown, well-known in Croatia as a Samoan who sings Croatian songs with his group Samoan is shocked to see how well Mickey moves.

“It’s cool, this is specifically Samoan-looking Faataupati so it’s nice to see us on the world stage in another light.

The dancing seems almost too good so it might even be an Islander under the mask.”

Mickey Mouse’s travels in the show also involve visits to Aotearoa and the women of Japan are seen doing the poi to Pātea Māori Clubs Poi E.

With countries performing traditional dances in traditional attire outside their home countries, some are questioning the appropriateness of it all.

Evalani Pouli is responsible for shipping women’s products to Tonga for free to provide menstrual products for those in need. “I honestly perceive some of the stuff I see by Disney Moana characters and people dressing up as a mockery which I’m sure is not their intention.

But if I was to take my children there in the future they definitely would know that they aren’t meant to be representing the Pacific.”

Te Ao News understands musician, Mevina Liufau Tokyo is responsible for the teachings at Disneyland Resort and responsible for the shows’ cultural aspects and is waiting for a response.

The vast majority of the Pacific is embracing his knowledge of Pacific performing arts in the show and how all performers represent each country respectfully in terms of their movements.

The Polynesian Disney Icon has made people of the Pacific comment on the @808viral Instagram reel.

Lili Falepapalangi (@lilitetuini) commented with a play on the words of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse calling it the “Mickey Mouse Kalapuhouse” - Kalapu being the Samoan word for Club.

Toleafoa Familia (@marley_kingszz) jokingly said “Mickey Faakaupaki (Fa’aataupati) is better than my kids.”

Lynn Izumi Yae (teylarose1220) comments on the connection the people of Japan have for the Pacific - “Either it’s a real poly under there. Or because Japan loves everything about the Polynesian culture they are gonna do it right.”

The Mickey Mouse Rainbow Luau Show is hosted at the Polynesian Terrace Restaurant four times a day.