Support for new coalition government drops - new poll

The latest Taxpayers’ Union Curia poll shows National, Act and New Zealand First support has dropped by a combined 4.2 percentage points since its previous poll.

ACT carried most of that dip, decreasing by 2.8 percentage points, with National down only 0.3 points and New Zealand First by 1.1 points.

The opposition parties have all increased, with the smaller ones rising more. The Green party rose 3.3 points and Te Pāti Māori 2.1 points. Labour rose a mere 0.4 points.

For the minor parties, the Curia Poll did not reveal how much of an increase or decrease there was, but the percentage of people supporting the parties were shown.

TOP has 1.6%, Outdoors and Freedom is at 1.5%, Democracy NZ is at 0.3%, Vision NZ is at 0.2%, New Conservatives is at 0.2%, and the rest combined making up the remaining 0.8% of supporters.

Some 5.6% of voters were undecided.

Translated into seats, the coalition government still holds the majority of the House, meaning if an election were held now, National, Act and New Zealand First would still be the top dogs.

But, they would have lost six seats, with the Green Party taking three of them.

Not shown in the photo above, the Taxpayers Union revealed National minister Chris Bishop has a higher net favorability compared to his leader, Prime Minister Christopher Luxon, with Bishop at -4% and Luxon at -7%.

This recent poll was the first time for Chris Hipkins to nose dive into the negatives. Dropping by eight points, he now sits at -6%.

David Seymour is down three points to -11% while Winston Peters is down six points to -18%, with new Green Party Co-Leader Chlöe Swarbrick’s net favourability sitting at -19%.

The poll was conducted by Curia Market Research for the NZ Taxpayers’ Union. It is a random poll of 1,000 adult New Zealanders and is weighted to the overall adult population. It was conducted by phone (landlines and mobile) and online between April 2 and April 4, has a maximum margin of error of +/- 3.1% and 5.6% were undecided on the party vote question. The full results are at