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Papa Hawaiki opens in Kaikohe

After a long struggle, the community of Kaikohe can finally celebrate the opening of its new sports complex

The opening of a new sports complex in the Northland town of Kaikohe will bring more than physical benefits.

Papa Hawaiki is a new $14.8m sports hub run by the local community group Kaikohe and Districts Sportsville at Lindvart Park, which manages local sports on behalf of the Far North District Council.

The complex will house many of the indoor local sports competitions and is a long time coming for the community.

A lot of the cost for the build of the complex came from the previous Labour government’s Response and Recovery Fund for Covid-19, with the Far North District Council, the Northland Regional Council, Lotteries and the Tourism Infrastructure fund making up the difference

Far North mayor Moko Te Pania says it’s a momentous occasion for Kaikohe and the benefits are more than just physical.

“The battle for money, the battle for support by the community, the council and the government. This complex is the culmination of those dreams. This is a catalyst for the community, highlighting the importance of all aspects of healthy living.”

“It’s a significant achievement.”

Kohi Woodman from Kaikohe and Districts Sportsville says it’s a chance for Kaikohe to develop its local talent without them having to leave town.

“Just providing a space for our rangatahi to excel in their code of sport or their chosen extracurricular activities. Just having a local place to go and not having to leave our beautiful town.”