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All ‘Good in the Hood’? Māori urged to line up for share of $1m

Z Energy’s Good in the Hood is back and this time around the company is urging more Māori groups to get involved.

Spearheading the campaign is Dave Letele, who says there has been a lack of Māori participation in recent years.

“Z Energy’s Good in the Hood is an amazing campaign, an amazing initiative where Z Energy gives away $1 million every single year. It’s really important to me that Māori groups, who are quite often overlooked for funding, apply.

“Community group or charity, just go to the Z Energy website and apply - it’s that easy. ”

🧡 Good in the Hood - Z Energy 🧡 Spread the word TAG & SHARE!

🧡 Good in the Hood - Z Energy 🧡 Spread the word TAG & SHARE! Z Energy- Good in the Hood is giving away $1 MILLION to charity and local community groups that are doing amazing mahi in their community. Last week we caught with one of the organisations who’s applied a non-profit Christian organisation and one of the largest food banks in Christchurch. An amazing community dedicated to providing support and assistance to those in need. Founded on compassion and service, the organisation has been a beacon of hope for many individuals and families facing hunger and hardship. You can support this amazing organisation by donating on their website If you or someone you know is doing amazing mahi to help others get them to apply for Good in the Hood Campaign. Click here #goodinthehood #zenergy #charities #communitygroups

Posted by Brown Buttabean on Sunday, June 16, 2024

He said despite Māori being always the first to the scene they were often overlooked when it came to funding.

“It’s our groups that are first on the ground, first on the scene for anything that’s going on in our community. Any social issue you’ll find a community group there has an impact and next to no money.

“We don’t have the bureaucracy. We’re on the ground, we don’t have a massive back office that’s fulltime jobs applying for funding applications.”

Letele said it was time for Māori to mobilise and participate.

“We’ve got to participate. When it comes time to vote, we’ve got to mobilise and vote. Make our vote count but first apply for Z Energy’s Good in the Hood.”

How it works

Four thousand dollars will be shared among four community groups at each Z service station across the motu.

Customers can vote for their favourite community group out of the four chosen with an orange token given by the service station.

The putea [money] is split between all participating groups based on the proportion of votes each receives compared to the others.

In addition to the $4,000, every Z service station has a further $1,250 to be used by local retailers throughout the year to support other local initiatives.

Applications are open now.