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Hole in the Rock tourism sparks protest

Hundreds of tourists are taken through the Hole in the Rock every day and not one cent goes to the island's owners.

According to Rau Hoskins Chair of Motu Kōkako Trust, “We are here to inform the public about our issues with tourist operators trampling on our mana. The majority of them strongly support what we are doing, which is great.”

Te Kāea estimates that today alone, Fullers pulled in $40,000 from two trips each taking 200 passengers through the Hole in the Rock.

Representatives from both Fullers and Mac Attack companies agreed to talk to Te Kāea on this matter but one was subsequently delayed and the other had a change of mind.

Trustees of Motu Kōkako are well aware that if the issue begins to hit them in the pocket, then they'll want to talk.

The protest will continue for the duration of the summer.