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Māori film touches hearts

“Inc’d” is a film about a successful Māori man, working in the corporate sector in Australia having his world change when he returns home to his father's funeral. The film made its premiere screening today at the Wairoa Māori Film Festival in Nuhaka.

The contrast between wearing the designer suit with the ray-bans and styled hair, and wearing the traditional Māori facial tattoo was an eye-opening experience for Rob Mokaraka who plays Gary.

It was a role that drew many parallels for Rob and his own life, the scene where his character's father passes away, bought up feelings of his own grandfather's passing.

“In a way that's my acknowledgement to my koro and a bit of healing at the same time for myself.”

The 15 minute drama was filmed in the remote South Island and then Auckland. The filmmakers say working so closely with Māori during the film was a very special experience they will cherish.