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National keen to allow iwi to administer youth benefits

The National Party are keen to allow iwi to administer youth benefits which has Social Development Minister Paula Bennett saying it could roll out as soon as mid next year.

It's something Labour's leader supports.  The Greens, on the other hand, say that allowing iwi to administer youth benefits is a big no-no, likening it to the privatisation of the benefit system.

One iwi leader from the North, Haami Piripi, supports what the Greens are saying.

However Tamaki Makaurau Labour candidate Peeni Henare, who’s worked across the board in MSD, is not exactly singing his leader's same tune on this one.

Henare expects that the rolling out of something like this as early as mid-next year could prove disastrous.

It's claimed each tribe would be offered different services depending on its size.