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Māori Women’s Welfare League annual conference held in Tauranga

'Stand Strong with Ease' is the theme of the Māori Women's Welfare League's annual conference this year.

This morning, the many groups affiliated to the nine main branches were welcomed to the ASB Stadium in Tauranga, looking at ways to make life better and more fulfilling for Māori woman and their families across the country.

They are daughters, mothers and grandmothers and are well respected in their communities.  These are the women of the Māori Women's Welfare League on the first day of their 62nd annual conference.

Having had years of supporting one another since last century, these women have seen many changes through generations, but the well-being of the family remains their fundamental focus.

There has been a shift in the more traditional communication pathways used by the league in the past, to incorporate a more modern approach to engage younger generations.

The conference will have several workshops until it closes on Saturday, including the development of 'papakāinga', making 'wahakura' and positive parenting.