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Ngāti Rehua opens first ancestral meeting house on Great Barrier Island

Over 70 years have passed since Ngāti Rehua elders decided to build an ancestral meeting house on Great Barrier Island, and today their wish became reality.

Hone Rii Rapata says, “It's of utmost importance that we join again with our kin and that our children know their ancestors.”

Many of the ancient canoes have ties and genealogical links with Ngāti Rehua and this was a coming together of their descendants to celebrate such an important occasion.

According to Hauata Palmer, 'We've been here to add the genealogical links of the people of Matakana in Ngāti Wai and seen this house before it was completed.

So arriving here yesterday and seeing this beautiful house was amazing, and all the hard work that has been put in to building the house.”

The house of Rehua now stands for the future benefit of his descendants.