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Motiti locals claim Rena wreck is still affecting kaimoana

The Rena's owners say it was krill but the Motiti locals know it was a spill. Ngāi Te Hapu, one of the sub-tribes of Motiti Island are up in arms over the latest debacle with the Rena, saying this is even more justification for full removal.

What seems to be paradise in the Bay of Plenty remains under threat.

Rangi Butler says the mana of her people has diminished since the Rena tragedy. She can't even provide seafood for her guests, a traditional practice from many generations ago. She claims the problems aren't easing up.

Te Kāea wasn’t able to get around to the beach where the oil was seen but locals say it can still be seen on rocks around the area. They say their complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

Spokesperson for Ngāi Te Hapū, Buddy Mikaere says it's going to be a tough road ahead and that there is even more reason for removal.

It's expected that the Western Bay of Plenty Regional Council will hear the application to leave the Rena at Ōtāiti next year, with Motiti locals hoping for a change in their favour.