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Saying goodbye to a diet of coke, donuts and pies - Biggs Morrell

Weighing in at 255kg, Biggs Morrell was hospitalised and given only a month to live. Since then he has turned his life around and lost more than 80kg, today Morrell is continuing on his health journey to a happier future.

Morrell has said goodbye to a diet of coke, donuts, and pies and says hello to a diet of healthy foods and fitness.

“It's not easy sometimes you wake up and you just wanna hit the bakery you know, hit some chicken and chips or stuffing but I wake up, lace up, wash the face and I get down here to Boxfit.”

He's a regular here, motivated by a massive wake-up call when he was hospitalised three years ago for being morbidly obese.

“They flew me up from here from New Plymouth to Waikato they had to bring a helicopter down from Auckland because I couldn't fit on the rescue helicopter here.”

Once in the hospital, they told him he only had a month to live, so he decided to choose life, not only for himself but for his children who were starting their first day of school.

“They just turned five just knowing they were home with the Mrs and just knowing I couldn't be there on their first day it really hit hard and pulled the strings yeah.”

Now at the age of 32, he has turned his life around, dropping more than 80kg and counting over the last couple of years.

“My family they've seen me at my worst they've been there through my worst and I think it's time that I give them the best of me.”

Getting his mobility back means he is much more active not only at the gym but at home too.