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Kura kaupapa earns enough airpoints to take flight

A Māngere kura kaupapa has accumulated enough airpoints for their students to get to the National Primary School Kapa Haka competition.  Run by Air NZ, the competition will fulfil the travel ambitions of 10 winning schools.

A very special and rare event. Te Kura Kaupapa Māori a Rohe o Māngere is taking flight. The destination, the National Primary School Kapa Haka competition in Gisborne.

Teacher, Annie Te Moana says, “In previous years, the families of the school felt the pressure of fundraising.”

This will be the first time these students will board an airplane. They're both nervous and excited. According to Annie Te Moana, the main thing is that the kids get the opportunity to take the stage.

Te Moana says, “Whether we travel by airplane or on a van, to be able to go to the East Coast is an achievement on its own and to also represent the Auckland region.”

And the students couldn't be happier.

Hanakiri Tawaka says, “I can't wait to perform on stage to show everyone who we are, where we're from and that we are performing to win.”

Kahurangi Pereria-Tipene says, “I will stand with pride on stage and make my family proud.”

The National Primary School Kapa Haka competition will commence on November 6th in Gisborne.