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A new poll supports Tūhoronuku mandate to settle Ngāpuhi claims

A Horizon Poll to be released today gives support for Tūhoronuku to continue with a mandate to settle Ngāpuhi claims.

A new poll shows that 70% of Ngāpuhi support the Tūhoronuku mandate to settle their treaty claims.  Horizon Research conducted the survey last month in conjunction with meetings held by Tūhoronuku with Ngāpuhi across the country.

Its chair Hone Sadler says the result indicates a return to the Crown negotiating table after the election.

"We are now ready for post-election when irrespective of who is in government next week, we will negotiate the long-awaited settlement of Ngāpuhi treaty claims."

Tūhoronuku is urging all of Ngāpuhi to read the poll and the perspectives provided by various Ngāpuhi families.

Hone says, "We are overjoyed with the result because, despite believing that we still had the support, this survey confirms the support of our people for Tūhoronuku to continue with its mandate to settle with the Crown."

A total of 515 Ngāpuhi responded to the survey through Horizon Research's National Māori Panel, attendees at hui and via an online link.  The results of the poll were consistent with three previous surveys they conducted in 2015, 2013 and 2011.

Hone says, "It feels good to be sharing this survey with the wider public to inform them that Ngāpuhi is now ready to dance with the Crown on this matter."

Te Kotahitanga o ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi was unavailable to comment on the poll today.