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Kiwis Coach David Kidwell contemplates next move

New Zealand Kiwis' Coach David Kidwell is reconsidering his position with the side following their quarter-final loss to Fiji last night, 4-2 final score. Kidwell told media today the result has given him a lot to think about.

Kidwell wasn't hiding his disappointment today in front of the press, sharing his obvious disappointment with last night's quarter final knock out the result.

"You put your heart and soul into a campaign, that's everyone and obviously, we came up short on that result."

The Kiwi Coach also made it clear that his future with the team was uncertain and that he also needed time to reconsider his position with the team.

"I have to really sit down and think about do I want to carry on with what we've started here."

The loss sees an end to Kiwis' 2017 Rugby League World Cup campaign and their second defeat to a tier two nation in less than two weeks. But Kidwell says there are still positives to take away.

"We've unearthed some young talent there. I've seen Joe Tapine this time last year how much he's grown, he's a future leader. Danny Levi - there's question marks on him or Isaac Luke. He's been exceptional throughout the whole campaign. Nelson, he's only 21 ."

A review of staffing structures for the 2018 international season, not including player or coach contracts, will be conducted next week.