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Dr Lance O'Sullivan takes 12 rangatahi on trip of a lifetime

Twelve rangatahi Māori from across the country have accompanied Dr Lance O'Sullivan and the Moko Foundation to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York.

O'Sullivan says this is only a stepping stone for these rangatahi.

Māori representatives have landed in New York for one of the biggest indigenous gatherings in the world.  O'Sullivan says, "They are a united group, they work together on issues affecting Māoridom."

The 12 rangatahi have attended to discuss indigenous peoples' collective rights to lands, territories, and resources.

New Zealander of the Year O'Sullivan selected the twelve rangatahi to accompany him following an online competition.

O'Sullivan says the trip also gives other ethnicities an insight into Māori culture.  He says, "In the subway they were singing and dancing with some of the buskers. It's a delight to the New Yorkers watching our group, awesome!"

When they return, O'Sullivan says he will look into running wānanga to ensure rangatahi voices are heard on issues affecting Māori.