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Illustrating NZ Land Wars through music

Ria Hall has just released a new music video for the song "Te Ahi Kai Pō".  The song is based on the Battle of Te Ranga.  Hall hopes that this type of content will help raise awareness and acknowledgement of the NZ Land Wars.

Hall says, “Through things such as this video, the conversations are ignited for all, Māori, Pākehā and other, to talk about NZ history and the land wars.”

The song tells of the battle at Te Ranga in Tauranga where over 100 Māori warriors fell, following their victory two weeks earlier at The Battle of Pukehinahina.

Hall says it’s important to push these narratives through mainstream platforms, “So we don't forget the things our ancestors endured for this generation.”

Released in 2017, the song is now vividly illustrated through a new music video.

Hall says the main message is embedded within the theme.

“When darkness arrives, it's a time to look within your soul that's alight, there you will see the fire that consumes the night,” says Hall.

The video is directed by Shae Sterling and features dancers Matiu Hamuera and Kasina Campbell.

Hall appears at the end of the video.

She says, “They illustrate the pain of the confiscation of land and the death of our people.  I stand here as a face for Māori to say we will continue to fight forever.”

Hall says awareness brings enlightenment and this is just a start.