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Mangere state homes to make way for new builds

Almost 3,000 old state houses in Mangere, South Auckland are to be demolished and replaced with 10,000 new homes as part of a redevelopment announced by the government today.

Minister of Housing and Urban Development Phil Twyford says almost 3000 worn-out state houses will be demolished and replaced by the new homes.

"Over a period of 10-15 years, 2,700 worn-out state houses will be replaced by 10,000 new homes.  This will comprise approximately 3,000 new state houses, 3,500 new KiwiBuild and affordable homes, and 3,500 market homes.”

He says the development will be located near the route of the coming light rail line.

"With new homes for families and access to light rail, this is going to be a great outcome for the Mangere community.”

Phil Twyford announcement to build 10, 000 new homes in Māngere. Mānia Clarke will bring more on Te Kāea tonight.

Posted by Te Ao Māori News on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Twyford says stage 1a of the redevelopment is already underway.

“Thirty-five state houses are being demolished to be replaced by 66 more state houses and 100 other homes, at least half of which will be KiwiBuild and affordable,” says Twyford.

"Building of the first new state houses will start in the next few months and are due to be finished mid-2019. The first KiwiBuild and affordable homes will be complete towards the end of 2019 and early 2020.

He says by building KiwiBuild homes in Mangere it will give local families a realistic shot at homeownership and “help families put down roots in their community and provide stability for children.”

Te Kāea reporter Mānia Clarke will have more on this tonight on Te Kāea.