Rāniera Tau wants $1.5bil for Ngāpuhi settlement

The chairman of Te Rūnanga Ā Iwi o Ngāpuhi, and co-leader of Tūhoronuku, Rāniera Tau wants $1.5bil to settle the Ngāpuhi Treaty claim.

This comes as the embroiled iwi leader defends allegations of mismanagement of tribal assets.

Despite the claims he says he will not step down from his position.

For the first time, the co-chair of Tūhoronuku, and chair of Te Rūnanga Ā Iwi o Ngāpuhi Rāniera Tau has given the sum he is wanting to settle the Ngāpuhi Treaty settlement.

"I'll say that it's worth up to at least $1.5bil in value" Tau says exclusively to Te Kāea's Northland regional correspondent, Raniera Harrison.

Tau, who was convicted in 2016 after being found with five dead kererū by Department of Conservation staff at Invercargill Airport, says he is focused on setting up a new post settlement entity to receive the Ngāpuhi Treaty settlement.

"We'll set up a group and present them to the people to see whether or not they support them.  At the end, the old adage remains, that Ngāpuhi will speak for itself."

Leadership from both Tūhoronuku, including Hōne Sadler and Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū co-chairs Pita Tipene and Rudy Taylor will meet formally for the sixth time with Treaty Negotiations Minister Andrew Little in Wellington on Saturday to discuss the settlement.

Tau says there are a few outstanding issues on the table.

"Whether we find solutions for what we are after at this meeting or not, we will be calling a Ngāpuhi-wide meeting to discuss how we want to move forward."

The topic has long been discussed and widely accepted as being the biggest Treaty settlement to date.

Tau says it is very close to happening.

"That $1.5 billion? That's only the beginning for Ngāpuhi."

An estimated 50 protestors took to the streets of Kaikohe yesterday demanading greater transparency in Te Rūnanga Ā Iwi o Ngāpuhi tribal leadership structure.

"They're under the assumption that they can get me to stand down?  Get it right!" says Tau.

He adds that he will be in a better position after the sixth meeting with Little on Saturday to make further comment.