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Dynamic netball player Erena Mikaere returns home

Former Sunshine Coast Lighting player Erena Mikaere has returned home to Rotorua in preparation for the 2019 ANZ Premiership Netball Season. She has signed with the Northern Mystics.

The dynamic netball player has been training twice a day since her return.

The decision to move home and be close to her family was an easy choice.

“I have a daughter who is eight years old and she currently lives here with my parents so I was doing netball in the sunshine coast while she was living here and doing her schooling so this just allows me to play netball and be home with her.”

Mikaere says she is looking forward to the 2019 season.

“The Northern Mystics have an amazing management group and a really cool deference coach and I was looking really forward to be coached by them and seeing what the environment holds and hopefully building that team,” she says.

After a season with Sunshine Coast Lighting, Mikaere has picked up a few tricks to share with her new team.

“I'm more comfortable with that NZ Style but also taking from what I leant in Australia and I guess giving back to our netballers and things now.”

Mikaere is also not ruling out the possibility of playing for the Silver Ferns.

“I'll love too but first off I got to look at that Northern Mystics and how that works for the season and settle in there because I really want a good season with them before I look towards that future.”

Northern Mystics are set to begin training for the ANZ 2019 netball season next month.