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Ngāpuhi hapū court action to postpone negotiations

It's a move which could further derail the settlement of the Ngapuhi claim.

One of the Auckland-based Mahurangi hapū have turned to the courts to halt the endorsement elections of Te Roopu Tuuhono to negotiate their claims.

“Mahurangi are a long standing hapū residing here, but we aren't acknowledged by our people back home of Ngāpuhi,” says elder Miriama Solomon, “There are some who oppose us.”

However, Te Roopuu Tuuhono member Sonny Tau says court is not the right place to settle their issues.

“That's a dishonourable action because Ngāpuhi must continue in settlement negotiations,” he says.

For the last three years Mahurangi have been registered as an iwi mana whenua of Tāmaki.

They claim their vote is being ignored oregarding whether Te Roopuu Tuuhono should negotiate directly with the Crown under the evolved mandate.

“It’s right for Mahurangi to have a voice as part of Ngāpuhi,” says Tau, “But how can we accomplish that?  They need to come and talk to us.”

It's not the first time the Treaty Settlement Minister will hear iwi concerns, but whether the minister adheres remains to be seen.

The court denied their postponement application, but Mahurangi are able to file for an injunction tomorrow.