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Townsville floods - Māori resident's plea for help

Gwenevere Jorgensen (Ngāti Raukawa) says whānau affected by the floods are in desperate need of help as flood waters continue to rise.

Jorgensen told Te Kāea “We are stuck inside and people need food.  My car is underwater and we need more information about the severity of what to expect.”

She’s among thousands of residents who have been evacuated from 20 suburbs, with more than 17,000 homes without power.

Reports say around 900 residents are also in emergency accommodation.

“We have received care assistance where authorities provide you with money for food and supplies but at the moment there’s no bread at the supermarket and the priority is getting everyone evacuated.”

Reports say Townsville has received a year's rain in one week.  Residents have also been warned by local authorities to stay out of the water as there have been sightings of crocodiles and snakes.