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FestPAC 2020 looks to bring Moana cultures together

Creative NZ are calling on Māori artists and rangatahi to apply for funding for the Pacific Arts and Culture Festival. A delegation from Aotearoa is being organised to head over to the upcoming festival in Honolulu in June next year.

Misty Kela'i is part of the festival delegation team. She says, “The driving force is Indigenous people are alive, you haven't killed us yet, we're coming together as a strong mana, unity, all the nations coming together and to a beautiful place Hawai'i.”

FestPAC 2020 representatives are working with Creative NZ to encourage Māori artists to apply to take part.

“We need the beautiful artists to come to Hawai'i because as I heard this morning, culture and arts is the glue that keeps us all together”, says Misty Kela'i.

Speaking on behalf of FestPAC 2020 delegation rep Senator J. Kalani English, Jacob Bryan K. Aki says, "You know you have a lot of great performing arts, you have a lot of great art, and we're very excited to have you folks come and share with the rest of the pacific.

The Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture 2020 will provide a platform for people of the pacific to collaborate on issues pertinent to all.

“We're having ocean problems, climate problems, sustainability problems, so why not share and let's resolve some of these problems and issues.”

Creative NZ also encourage rangatahi (18 - 25) to apply to be part of the Youth Ambassador Leadership Programme.

FestPAC project manager with Creative NZ, Dee Sciascia says, “To critique this thing called self-determination, what is self-determination? Should we change our protocols and principles around self-determination? Those are the issues effecting youth.”

And to inspire the artists back home, this work of art by Māori artist Rangi Kipa.

“If I never come back again I will take you with me forever, and very proud of this and I'm very thankful to my friends here I just met, but now aunty has this to take back home to Hawai'i and inspire Hawaiian artists too”, says Misty

Applications for Creative NZ funding close on Friday the 1st of March.