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Gucci's fashion faux pas imitating ‘Devast8' tattoo

Models in Gucci Cruise 2020. Photo source: Gucci, Facebook.

Global fashion house Gucci has taken their latest inspiration from an NZ-ex inmate and his 'Devast8' tattoo which stretches from ear to ear on his face.  The recent Gucci Cruise 2020 show in Rome featured models wearing fake face tattoos almost identical to the tattoo of ex-inmate Mark Cropp.

But instead of reading DEVAST8, the models wore tattoos spelling GUCCI, ROMA and AMORE.

According to reports, designer Alessandro Michele wanted to pay tribute to pro-choice references throughout the new collection.

Gucci wrote on their Instagram page, "The collection echoes the creative director’s continuing vision of freedom, equality and self-expression.

"Since founding Chime for Change in 2013 — the global campaign that represents and advocates for gender equality — Gucci has a longstanding commitment to women and girls by funding projects around the world to support sexual and reproductive rights, maternal health, and the freedom of individual choice."

Twitter user Gilda Kirkpatrick posted an image of the models saying copied the tattoo from Cropp.

"Go #DEVAST8 dude, you’ve made an impact on the fashion front," she wrote.

Cropp, 21, shot to 'global fame' in 2017 when he was unable to get a job because of his tattoo. While Cropp had initially accepted offers to have the tattoo removed free of charge, he eventually declined.

He said his 'brother' tattooed the nickname "Devast8" on his face during a heavy night of drinking.

It's understood that Cropp admitted to and was convicted earlier this year of assaulting and threatening a pregnant woman.