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Rents frozen for the next six months

Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced that all rents will be frozen for the next six months. To avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding the Minister said:

"Rents are frozen, increases in rent are prohibited in the next six months for any reason."

Rent termination reasons have been amended below as follows:

  • Substantial damage to property
  • Threats/Assaults to a landlord, their family or their neighbours
  • Abandons the property
  • Significant anti-social behaviour
  • Rent arrears of 60 days or more (increased from 21 days)

The Tenancy Tribunal will be the agency responsible for enforcing these measures.

These new policies will come into effect tonight. The new termination policies will be in effect for the next three months.

The Minister urged commercial landlords to discuss payment arrangements with their tenants.