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Period relief packs to help relieve financial pressure on vulnerable whānau

The Period Place is looking to distribute 10,000 period relief packs to vulnerable families during this time of hardship. Co-founder Danika Revell says that with the loss of jobs due to Covid-19 some families will be feeling the pressure now more now than ever and periods are a continuous cycle that come at a high cost.

The Period Place has teamed up with key organisations to help ease the pressure for those with limited access to sanitary essentials.

"They said well you guys are a periods (provider) and we're really desperate for period products so the idea for a period relief pack came about," The Period Place co-founder Danika Revell says.

The packs will provide sanitary essentials as well as key information for the entire family

"We thought this is a really good way to make sure that we are not just giving out free products and that we are sticking to what is really important to our call, which is the three pillars - conversation, education and access."

Northland charity Tukau Legacy are also doing their part to help ease the same pressures in the Far North.

"Period products and sanitary products are a real issue so we did a call up for funding for Covid. In particular, we have asked organisations, businesses and individuals to give us, specifically, to buy more period products and a number of organisations have met that call," Tukau Legacy kaiwhakahaere Season-Mary Downs says.

This is another financial challenge for single mothers.

"Being a single mum would always be challenging but particularly in this Covid environment, it presents more challenges as well," Downs says.

The Period Place reached out to local communities to see where they could help.

"They said period products, pads, altogether, if you've got some info on how to use it, great," Revell says.

In just one week of their campaign, they raised $12,000 and they hope to raise another $88,000 to ensure everyone who needs a pack gets one.