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Tūhoe whānau share importance of returning to your homeland

Living off the grid is nothing new to many Tūhoe families, but during pressing times it has shown the importance of returning to your homeland, to the land of your ancestors.  Mahina Hurkmans follows a whānau as they build a camp on their whenua for their future generations.

"This is where our elders grew up," says Turuhira Hare (Tūhoe).

For many generations, this family have been returning to their secluded home far away from society.

"Our elders always brought us back here to Otere and Te Pūtere ever since we were kids," says Te Rangihaeta Hare (Tūhoe).

"So we the younger generation can see the beauty of the land where our elders grew up. It is important to bring our children back here to learn, to play and return to their land."

It is here where they grasp onto knowledge handed down from generations before them.

"We are able to learn all that our uncles Tawhai and Ropiha were taught when they were younger," says Te Rangihaeta.