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Ngati Hine training uri to run kiwifruit orchards

Ngā Ngāhere o Ngāti Hine is looking at increasing iwi employment numbers through a new kiwifruit enterprise, chief executive Huhana Lyndon said today at the launch of a new orchard in Waipapa.

This is the sixth Kiwifruit orchard bought by Ngā Ngahere o Ngāti Hine in the Kerikeri area, increasing the iwi landholding to 40,000ha and increasing iwi employment numbers.

The tribe is working in collaboration with Seeka to upskill the Ngāti Hine workforce in horticulture, particularly the cultivation of kiwifruit with the aim of securing qualifications and future employment.

Over the next fortnight, more than 60 of the Ngāti Hine workforce will start their mahi. Ngāti Hine Trust chairman Pita Tīpene  says, “they have some skills we lack and we have the skills they lack to ensure prosperity for all in the sector and overall well being.”