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Dramatic scuffle as police try to eject Waiheke marina occupiers

After more than 99 days of occupation at Waiheke's Kennedy Point, the protest turned ugly after 26 police officers moved into the grounds to remove the protestors  

Ngā Uri o Ngāti Pāoa, supported by Ngāti Pāoa Trust Board, has occupied Pūtiki Bay / Kennedy Point to protest against developers building a marina over the endangered kororā species' habitat, which involves the removal of 26 rocks from their home.

The community group Save Kennedy Point reached a settlement with the developer after it was threatened with costs of up to $250,000 for its Environment Court challenge.

A petition calling on Auckland Council to review the resource consent because it had failed to consider Ngāti Pāoa has reached more than 10,000 signatures.

In the video, Police can be seen trying to remove the occupiers from developer fences. as occupiers try to sit down.

One kuia can be heard saying, "This is my island, I will not be stopped!"

More to come.