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Pūtiki protesters decamp as police check Alert Level 4 'breach'

Photo / Protect Pūtiki Facebook 

Concerns in relation to potential breaches of Alert Level 4 conditions have resulted in the removal of protester tents and equipment on Waiheke Island's Pūtiki Bay on Saturday afternoon.

National Police Headquarters confirmed to Te Ao Marama that police staff were on the island today speaking to some people there in relation to potential breaches of Alert Level 4 conditions.

"The eight protesters involved have chosen to leave of their own accord and there have been no arrests/evictions," police said.

In a Facebook Live - Protect Pūtiki stream a group of police officers can be seen removing protesters' tents and equipment.

A long-time local resident of Waiheke Island, Alice Karetai, who has been supporting the occupation since March of this year claims, “The police threatened protesters with an arrest, so the protesters left.”

“The police are using the Ministry of Health policies to target protectors of Pūtiki Bay. This is a classic example of such policies being manipulated unfairly against people who are trying to uphold indigenous rights,” Karetai told Te Ao Marama.