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West Auckland schools lockdown lifted


Police have lifted the lockdown of schools in the Te Atatū Peninsula which had followed a “threatening phone call” made to Rutherford College, and led to armed police cordoning off nearby areas.

Rutherford College in West Auckland was locked down just before midday today, with students told to stay indoors.

An emergency alert from the college was sent to students’ parents, saying, “We will continue to provide updates on our website as often as possible”, and advising parents not to go to the school grounds.

Nearby schools Te Atatū Intermediate, Matipo Primary and Rutherford Primary also went into lockdown shortly after following the college’s actions.

A parent said that one officer commented at 12:15pm that the situation was “under control” but would be keeping the school in lockdown for everyone’s safety until it was all clear.

Police had cordoned off from Z Station at Te Atatū Peninsula, preventing access into and leaving the Te Atatu Peninsula.

Police will maintain a presence at Rutherford College to reassure the public’s safety as enquiries are ongoing.

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