National | Dr Rawiri Taonui

Trend of Māori cases rising continues, says Dr Rawiri Taonui

Māori have had the highest number of Covid-19 cases for 13 consecutive days, says Dr Rawiri Taonui.

Fourteen of today's 41 new cases are Māori, he says.

Dr Taonui says Māori make up a significant proportion of the current level 3 cases, active MIQ cases and hospitalisations.

"Māori are 44.4% of all new cases during level 3, 43.5% of active cases in MIQ, 26.9% of all cases during the Delta outbreak and 23.4% of hospitalisations."

There is a clear upward trend in Māori cases, he says.

"While the number of Māori cases is lower than the previous two days, the overall trend of Māori cases rising as a proportion of all cases continues."

Dr Taonui says 14,000 Māori were vaccinated as part of today's Super Saturday vaccination drive. Overall, more than 110,000 people were vaccinated by 1pm today.