Tāmaki barber unfazed by new vaccine mandates for staff

Under recently announced laws, any business that requires a vaccine certificate for customers must also have fully vaccinated workers.

These include cafes, restaurants, large events, gyms and hairdressers.

The owner of Kirkwood's Barbers in Tāmaki, Hauwhenua Kirkwood, is unfazed by the announcement, saying he is all for any initiative that protects his people.

“We are seeing what has happened in other countries and the severe social and financial impact it’s had and it will be devastating for that to happen in our country as well.”

The announcement came with a caveat that non-vaccinated workers in roles requiring vaccination will be given a four-week notice period to get vaccinated before their employment can be terminated.

Kirkwood says that although he knows some barbers who are against the vaccine, for him and his employees, the protection of their whakapapa is paramount.