Māori businessman pushes for self-isolation technology for overseas returnees

Businessman Sir Ian Taylor (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kahungunu) is anticipating the use of new self-isolation technologies upon his return home from a business meeting in Los Angeles.

Last month, the computer animation specialist received approval from the government to run a privately funded trial called 151 Off The Bench, which aims to free up MIQ space for Kiwis returning from abroad, by letting essential business travellers self-isolate at home after taking tests pre-departure and on arrival.

“Too many people are stuck overseas, and too many people’s jobs are being threatened by the way we are running this," Taylor says.

On his way out of Auckland, he tested a New Zealand made MicroGEM PCR test, which took 27 minutes, and he received his result before his swab test result that he took three days before.

“And out at Māngere, they did another test called an Orbis test, which tested how effective the vaccine was that I had. It proved that I had had it and that I was safe to go.”

Sir Taylor believes New Zealand technologies are proving effective in speeding up the current process.

“Some of the technology we will be showing over the next three weeks and the 10 days that I’m in isolation back in Auckland are New Zealand based, and this will show how it can keep people safe.”