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Brian Tamaki addresses protestors at Auckland Domain

Brian Tamaki is addressing protestors gathered at Auckland Domain, as police warn Aucklanders to prepare for traffic disruptions in the central city this weekend.

"They might restrict us or threaten us with jail but they can't take away your heart and your spirit about what you are," Tamaki told protestors. "You are you and you're free to be you."

"I will not be sucked into her (Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's) lies and her deception and what this government is doing."

Tamaki's lawyer Ron Mansfield QC told the NZ Herald this afternoon that he believed his client had complied with his bail conditions regarding the Covid-19 Public Health Act.

"The conditions are not intended to prevent him taking part in a lawful protest, Whether others agree with the protest or not - a protest is not an unlawful activity," Mansfield said.

Last month, Auckland District Court Judge Josephine Bouchier told Tamaki he would be allowed bail provided he does not "organise or attend any protests in breach of any Covid-19 level requirement."

Police told the Herald in a statement that they "will be following up and looking into whether there are any breaches with regard to today's activities".

Protesters began gathering at Auckland Domain this morning, for the fourth consecutive time this lockdown.

Police said they are monitoring the situation.

"Police ask the community to be patient on the roads as we expect there might be some traffic delays and disruptions, particularly near the Domain on Saturday and in the wider CBD on Sunday.

"Police recognise that individuals have a lawful right to protest. However, this should not be at the expense of restrictions that are designed to keep our community safe," a statement said.

Breaches of the health order or other illegal behaviour may be followed up with enforcement action, Police said.

Other rallies were held in centres such as Wellington and Christchurch on Saturday protesting vaccine mandates.

On Sunday, farming group Groundswell NZ is organising the “Mother Of All Protests” across Aotearoa protesting the government's "over-regulating" and "not standing up for rural communities."