Regional | Lisa Carrington

Māori Sports Awards: Lisa Carrington, greatest of 2021

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Lisa Carrington (Ngāti Porou, Te Aitanga-a-Māhaki) has been acknowledged by the Māori Sports Awards as the greatest of 2021.

There was no awards ceremony this year but Carrington spoke about her Olympic success and what comes next for New Zealand's most 'gloried' Olympian.

"I guess that's the question everyone asks themselves, you just don't know where you can go," Carrington told Te Ao Toa during an hour-long Māori Sports Awards special.

"For me, it's about how do I get faster, better? But do I need to train harder? Can I do it smarter?

"So I think there's a lot to learn but I also just want to take more people on my journey. I want to include way more people and be way more inclusive and see where we go."