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L.A.B: 'Now that you're famous, do you have more cousins?'

Joel Shadbolt, Kevin Locke and Miharo Gregory.  Source / File

Former Kiwis and Warriors fullback Kevin Locke asks high-flying Aotearoa band L.A.B. if now that they are famous do they have more cousins?

Keen for a bit of whakawhanaungatanga, Locke speaking to L.A.B. frontman Joel Shadbolt and keyboardist Miharo Gregory for Te Ao Toa, starts in with a keen observation that he and Gregory are both from Tainui - "I think that makes us cousins," he says - before making his own cheeky pitch for tickets.

"I've had a few (cousins) come out of the woodwork - yeah, yeah," says Gregory.

"(Speaking of) coming out of the woodwork, got some ...?  a laughing Locke jokes with Gregory.

Locke spoke with the L.A.B. bandmates about their sporting interests - and, of course, the group's new album.

"It's a 10 track album, it's our fifth album to date and it's a mix of reggae, blues, funk, hip hop, country," says Shadbolt.

"It's definitely expanding the style, just trying different things," he says.