Māori Millionaire podcast: Tips and tricks to gain financial freedom

Te Kahukura Boynton, originally from Napier, is an 18-year-old law student studying at Waikato University and who is also working as a law clerk in Tokoroa.

But her talents don't stop there because Boynton, of Te Whakatōhea, Ngāti Kahungunu and Ngāi Tuhoe, is also the brains behind the Māori millionaire blog and podcast, which aims to empower Māori to become financially independent.

Boynton joined Te Ao Tapatahi to talk about what inspired her to want to improve Māori lives.

She grew up in Tamatea watching her mother working really hard "and always really tired". She says she asked: "Is that all there is to life, living from paycheck to paycheck with no real reward.”

Boynton was given advice early in her life which was “to do well in school and get this job" but she says she always wondered, "Is there going to be something more than this?”

Bite-size information

“For the whānau that struggle I don’t think that is fair, so I decided to educate myself about finance by reading lots of books, listening to podcasts and blogs about finance to see how I can change this.”

Boynton has a blog and podcast called Māori Millionaire that gives daily bite-size information about finance and investing.

Boynton says the strategy she is sharing is “tips and tricks on how to use your money to build more money. instead of exchanging your time for money, it's how to 'grow' your money”.

Boynton says she’s very transparent about the money she earns and where she is looking to 'grow' her money.

“On the podcast we break down the key concepts and kind of make it casual and easy for whānau to join in and listen about finance”.