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Dolphins stranded on Waiheke Island; two dead

A mass stranding of nine dolphins has happened on Waiheke Island today, in which two have reportedly died.

According to the NZ Herald, Project Jonah, iwi Ngāti Pāoa and the Department of Conservation are working together to rescue the pod, which includes one calf.

Project Jonah says, in a tweet, that medics and senior staff are onsite at a shallow bay at Whakanewha Regional Park, south of the island, and that no further help is needed.

Emma Kearney, Auckland Inner Islands operations manager for the Department of Conservation, said staff from both organisations were either on the island or on their way to help with the rescue effort this afternoon.

"The animals are common dolphins, and there are estimated to be 10, including one calf," said Kearney.

The next high tide at Whakanewha Bay is at 7:30pm tonight.