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Swastika appears on Auckland maunga

The symbol appeared on Howick's Pigeon Hill early this morning. Photo / Facebook

A giant swastika-like symbol has been removed from a maunga in east Auckland by police, after it was discovered by disturbed residents Sunday.

Howick locals discovered the symbol on Ōhuiarangi / Pigeon Mountain early Sunday morning, with a number of residents taking to Facebook to voice their concerns.

Most argued the installation was the symbol proliferated by Nazis during World War II but some in the area’s Hindu community said it may have been misinterpreted and was in fact the symbol for Surya, (the sun), which symbolises prosperity.

"Needs to be on a 45-degree angle to be a swastika. When on a 90-degree angle it is a Hindu symbol that most associate with good luck," one person wrote, although most weren’t comfortable with the explanation.

"You can't just put a giant swastika on public ground without permission," another commenter said.

"It's commonly known as a Nazi symbol so I'm pleased it has been removed."

Howick ward councillor Sharon Stewart says officials weren’t notified of the symbol being erected, so it was removed.

A police spokesperson said they received a report at around 7.20am of the symbol, which was built 0from old building materials.

Officers dismantled the installation, and council staff disposed of the debris.

The origins of the symbol are unknown.


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