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Lani Daniels offers South African boxer 'knuckle sandwich'

Lani Daniels.  Photo / Supplied

South African Cruiserweight champion Razell Mohamed has taken to social media to call out the no. 1 ranked heavyweight female boxer, Lani Daniels (Ngāti Hine, Ngāpuhi, Te Orewai).

Mohamed, ranked fourth on BoxRec, won her South African national title in March and is currently undefeated with three wins and two draws.

Razell Mohamed.  Photo / Facebook

Earlier this month, Mohamed's matchmaker, Frank Pittal, got the ball rolling by throwing down a challenge to Daniels on Facebook.

"Reigning South African cruiser champion sends out a message to New Zealand world champion Lani Daniels ‘come out, come out where ever you are, it’s time to DANCE in the Rain’. IBO ranked 4 in the world Razzell (sic) is willing to move up to heavyweight to get this fight on !!”

This barely caused a ripple - until yesterday - when Daniels and Mohamed exchanged jabs on social media.

It started with Daniels telling Mohamed to "book your flights Champ".

"We will give you a nice warm Maori welcome on your arrival + a feed if you wana (sic) step it up with the big girls".

Mohamed has responded, "Let's do this. I'm a South African Springbok... We eat ferns for breakfast. I'll introduce you to a bit of African power.”

Source / Facebook

Daniels, ranked first in the WBC and second in the WBA, has in turn promised Mohamed a 'knuckle sandwich'.

“Well I hope you like eating fists for dinner because that's what’s on the menu once that bell goes a knuckle sandwich with a bit of fern. Will call it the African power special because it packs a punch #allyoucaneatjustforyousis.”

Daniels has reportedly received many fight offers privately - including world title offers - but wants to plan her career carefully as she only has a few years left in her career and aims to be world champion before she retires.

Her next fight has not been announced but is expected to be in February.