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Poll: National + Act coalition could fly

A rise in support for Act in the latest opinion poll, held last week, shows a National-Act coalition could form a government.

Act was up 3.2 points to 12.7 per cent while National dropped just over three points in the past month to 35.6 percent in the Taxpayers’ Union Curia poll. That would mean National at 46 seats and Act on 16 could form a government, with 62 out of the 120 seats in Parliament.

However, neither party leader showed up well in the leadership stakes. National’s Christopher Luxon was at negative 7 per cent, meaning more people gave him an unfavourable rating than favourable. Act’s David Seymour was on negative 11 per cent.

Labour dropped just over three points in the past month to 33.8 per cent of the party vote.

Slight rises

The Green Party was up 0.3 points at 7 per cent despite the poll taking place during a week of public discord among the caucus culminating in Elizabeth Kerekere’s resignation.

The Māori Party was on 3.7 per cent, up 0.8 points, which may reflect the defection of Meta Whaitiri from Labour to its ranks.

Those results for Parliament’s left-wing parties would see Labour get 44 seats, the Green Party nine seats and the Māori Party five seats.

Labour leader Chris Hipkins is still rating in leadership, with his net favourability score a positive 22 per cent - six points lower than last month and down 11 points on his March peak.

Among National voters, Hipkins had a slightly positive net favourability rating of 7 per cent while Luxon had a score of negative 56 per cent with Labour voters.

Among undecided voters, Hipkins had a positive net favourability of 30 per cent, while Luxon was on negative 26 per cent.

The poll was conducted between May 2 and May 7 and included 1000 respondents.