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Police called over mussel dispute at Auckland beach

“You can’t take that many, it’s too many – it’s illegal.”

The daily limit per person for green lipped mussels in the Muriwai Beach area is 25 per person.

An altercation about the number of mussels a couple had collected from Auckland’s Muriwai Beach is being investigated by police.

A video posted on social media showed a man confronting a couple who had loaded at least four bags full of mussels into the boot of a car.

According to Fisheries NZ, the daily limit for green-lipped mussels at Muriwai Beach was 25 per person.

The man in the video confronted the couple and asked them how many they had taken and they needed to take them back.

The couple did begin taking the bags out of their car but it’s not clear what happened to the mussels after this.

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Warning: The video above contains profanity

Police confirmed they went to Muriwai Beach after the video was filmed capturing part of the interaction.

“Initially it was reported a group that were collecting mussels had been acting aggressively towards a another person,” a police spokesperson said.

“We arrived around 3pm on July 14 and spoke with the people involved. The matter is still under investigation at this time.”

Fisheries NZ’s regional manager of fisheries compliance, Phil Tasker, said daily limits on mussels and other seafood were set and enforced to ensure sustainability so future generations could enjoy it.

Tasker said anyone who suspected a person or group of taking more than the rules and regulations allow should report it to the Ministry for Primary Industries on 0800 4 POACHER line (0800 47 62 24).

“If you’re going fishing and are unsure of the rules, download the free NZ fishing rules app.

“Following the rules means you’ll be helping to protect our shared resources and you’ll avoid the risk of receiving a fine or prosecution before the court.”

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