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The Wahs are back!

The Wahs are back.

The One New Zealand Warriors kick off season 2024 this week in Friday’s season opener against the Sharks.

Captain Tohu Harris says they are up for the clash.

“There are a few things that we want to improve on in the Dolphins game and the Sharks are a whole new challenge. They’ve got a dangerous side and it’s pretty unpredictable what they can do and we’ve got to be on our game.”

Harris says there is an expectation on the Warriors performance this year, yet to be had in the club’s 30 year history.

“The excitement around New Zealand, not just Auckland, is outstanding and there is always more room on the bandwagon.”

“All the expectations come from within whereas here we’ve got a whole lot of excitement and outside noise coming at us, but there is also that expectation from within as well that Webby is driving.”

Warriors new signing Kurt Capewell is still getting used to the new atmosphere that is Auckland.

“It’s a bit different, a lot of boys from different cultures, it’s good to embrace that and get out and try and be a part of it.”

“Picking up the Māori language is a bit harder for me but I’m getting there.”

Capewell then states: “Kia Ora, whanau!”

This past weekend, Roosters prop Spencer Leniu has been under fire from the NRL’s judiciary for a comment he made on the field

Nearly two years ago Warriors winger, Marcelo Montoya copped a 4-week ban for a similar incident.

“I know the NRL are taking care of that situation, obviously I went through what I went through two years ago, I own that, I accepted it and knew I was in the wrong.

“My stance on that is, racism in the game is generally not acceptable.”

The Warriors host the Cronulla Sharks on Friday night from Go Media Stadium in Auckland.